Your ICT partner for education.

A fast growing technology group focussed exclusively on ICT in Education

With our own developed products and services, seamlessly integrated with the products of the world’s leading hard- and software vendors, we deliver hardware, software, connectivity, training and digital content towards students/schools in Europe.

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Academic Hardware

Academic Hardware is the trusted name in supplying and maintaining laptops in schools.

With over a million HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Asus devices deployed in educational institutions across Europe, our expert technicians based in local service centres ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Licensing and deployment solutions for education

Academic Software

As a global leader in supported licensing and deployment solutions, Academic Software streamlines the integration of digital tools in education.

Our platform is perfectly tailored to the growing trend of user-owned devices, ensuring a straightforward and seamless user experience, while maintaining security, manageability, and cost-effectiveness for school and universities.

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Lernova has revolutionised learning materials with its interactive and visually captivating approach.

Bridging the gap between traditional textbooks and digital innovation, this educational platform already caters to the needs of over 60,000 students across 300+ schools. With a vast array of teaching methods and a huge monthly exercise creation rate of 10 million activities, Lernova serves as an indispensable teacher's assistant.

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Academic Connect

Academic Connect

Academic Connect is the backbone of reliable, fast, and affordable fibre-optic internet connections for schools and teachers.

We understand the importance of seamless connectivity, enabling educators and students to harness the full potential of digital tools in education.

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Fourcast for education specialises in empowering schools and teachers with the integration of ICT in day-to-day teaching.

Through our ICT bootcamps and customised training courses, we help educators unlock the full potential of digital tools in the classroom.

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European ICT Partner for Education

Our goal is to serve educational institutions, schools, employees, teachers, and students. Education is all we do. Herefore, we put a lot of effort into building deep & sustainable relationships with the main ICT suppliers around the world.