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EXCLUSIVELY for IFCU : 2nd Free Webinar - Solutions for the challenging software distribution and licencing

25/6/2021 @ 3PM CET (local time Paris)

SIGNPOST and IFCU invite you to their 2nd joined webinar

This webinar is part of a partnership between IFCU and SIGNPOST, a Belgian firm specializing in ICT Solutions for education that has been working with several universities in 5 European countries (and counting)…

Signpost invites you, via IFCU-FIUC, to a new short, free but inspiring webinar on possible solutions for the challenging software distribution and licencing.

An average student uses more then 43 software titles during the course of his studies. Multiplied by all possible fields of study at an institution, you quickly end up with hundreds of different software.
Distribution, support with the installation and management of the latest version or licences is a nightmare for any IT-department…

Imagine the number of contacts and contracts to be handled by the responsible managers…

And negotiating with all vendors separately will also lead to exploding costs...

But there is a solution: Academic Software, by Signpost, is the go-to online portal that gives staff, teachers, and students of affiliated educational institutions access to high-end and up-to-date licenced software and learning platforms with a single annual fixed fee. ACSW is customisable for each curriculum and it has multilingual support.

Learn about all the ins and outs of this revolutionary solution with proven success in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, … in our 60-minute-webinar.



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